The cyber security and privacy curriculum at the Colorado School of Mines is mapped to the four-year core Knowledge Units (KUs), i.e., two plus four Year core plus five optionals, specified in the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CD) Education (CAE-CDE) program requirements. While many other relevant courses are offered at the Colorado School of Mines, the following 11 courses (10 essential and one optional) are used in our KU mapping:

  • CSCI-261           Programming Concepts
  • CSCI-262           Data Structures
  • CSCI-274           Introduction to the Linux Operating System
  • CSCI-403           Database Management
  • CSCI-406           Algorithms
  • CSCI-442           Operating Systems
  • CSCI-471           Computer Networks I
  • CSCI-474/598    Introduction to Cryptography
  • CSCI-475/598    Information Security & Privacy
  • MATH-201          Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Computer Science Department oversees the Mines Cyber Defense Certificate Program, which requires a student to take all the 10 essential courses (with CSCI-598 Security & Privacy in Systems as optional). Students who successfully complete these courses will receive an official Cyber Defense Education Certificate authorized by the NSA (National Security Agency) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  Please email the current Point of Contact of CCSP for more details or questions.


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