Chuan Yue

(303) 384-2439

BB 248


Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

Web, Mobile, Cloud, Cyber-Physical, and IoT Systems Security; Usable Security and Privacy; Vulnerability Measurement and Analysis; Cyber Security and Privacy Education.

Keith Hellman

(303) 273-3820

BB 310F


Teaching Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

Active Learning in College Lectures; Optimization Techniques; Parallel Computing and Parallel Algorithms; Computer Simulation; Applied Cryptography.

Phillip Romig

(303) 273-3866

CTLM 255


Chief Information Security Officer

Director of Communications, Computing & Network Infrastructure

Computer Security; High Performance Distributed Computing and Distributed System Design; High Performance Networks; Computer Vision; Automated Planning; Remote Sensing Data.

Dejun Yang

(303) 273-3307

BB 280G


Ben L. Fryrear Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Algorithmic Game Theory, Incentive Mechanism Design, Algorithm Design, and Optimization, with the focus on applications to Networks, Crowdsourcing, Cloud Computing, Smart Grid, and Security and Privacy.

Tracy Camp

(303) 384-2184

BB 280E



ACM Fellow and IEEE Fellow

Department of Computer Science

Computer Network Simulations Studies; The Use of Wireless Sensor Networks in Geosystems; Women in Computing Research; STEM Education; Network Security; Cyber Security and Privacy Education.

Salman Mohagheghi

(303) 273-3501

BB 314D


Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Power System Control and Dynamics; Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems; Situational Awareness; Utility Automation; Attacks on Power Grid; Resilient Communication against Cyber Intrusions.




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